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Welcome to HealthCare Minds

HealthCare Minds Ltd was established by Jane Campion to enable you to easily access a central resource for practical support and advice for your training and day-to-day healthcare services business needs.

The core of HealthCare Minds is built on first-hand experience of the healthcare industry which means an in-depth appreciation and understanding of your requirements, providing sound, strategic advice and consultation along with expert clinical knowledge, and logistical planning.

HealthCare Minds goal is provide you with a quality service based on integrity.

What we do

‘HealthCare Minds’ provides nurse consultancy and training, including CPR and Occupational First Aid training. HealthCare Minds focuses primarily on the needs of HealthCare service providers.


Jane Campion is Director of HealthCare Minds Ltd and a practising Registered General Nurse with a first class Honours Masters in Health Sciences (Primary Care). Jane’s experience spans a variety of settings from Travel Health, Clinical Research to Homecare, with extensive experience in General Practice.

In addition to her clinical work, during this time, Jane became an educator and mentor to other healthcare professionals and a writer of educational texts. She gained a number of awards including an IPNA Recognition Award for her Contribution to Practice Nursing, a Clinical Award for Spirometry in General Practice, and an Educational Bursary Award for her Master’s research exploring the management of Multimorbidity in people over the age of 65 years in the Primary Care setting .

Jane is committed to evidence based best practice and is an advocate for the continuity and holistic care that Primary and Community Care can provide. She has been a guest lecturer for a range of organisations such as the IGPNEA, ICGP, Pharmaceutical companies, and the RCSI.

She uses her knowledge and experience to speak on topics such as Travel Health, Immunisation, Setting up a Treatment Room, Developing Policies & Procedures, the Nursing Management of Cardiac Conditions in General Practice, and training for Homecare Assistants (for example, the safe guarding of Vulnerable Adults, Caring for the person with Dementia).

Jane is current National Chairperson of the Irish General Practice Nurses Educational Association (IGPNEA). The IGPNEA is a professional membership association of General Practice Nurses. The main objective of the association “is the advancement of education in general practice in Ireland by promoting and assisting nurses in further education programmes and to provide a forum for the dissemination of information on developments in the General Practice Nursing field which will promote the highest standards of care to benefit the community.”

Jane was also co-organiser of Health 2.0 Dublin for five years. Health 2.0 Dublin is one of 100+ chapters in cities around the globe, it brings together leaders of the Irish healthcare innovation scene to promote, showcase and catalyse new technologies in healthcare. The 700+ members come from diverse backgrounds from healthcare professionals such as nurses, doctors, occupational therapists to technology experts, coders and software developers. We meet in Dublin and other times run virtual meetings which we live stream. It’s a great opportunity for those with an interest to get together to explore how technology and healthcare can come together to empower patients. Anyone interested can find out more on www.health2dublin.com

What can HealthCare Minds do for you?

Whether you are looking for a CPR or First Aid course, mLearning for your team, a Training Needs Analysis, an expert with specialist knowledge, you want an information sheet for research volunteers written in easy to understand English, or a mentor for practice nursing, HealthCare Minds will help you find the perfect solution for your needs.
HealthCare Minds provides quality work tailored to your needs, delivered within an agreed timeframe, with fees that are agreed in advance.

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